Saturday, 24 June 2017

Activator Sports

We have enjoyed Activator sports this term and demonstrated team work along with ball skills superbly.

Breadmaking experiments

During our experiments we firstly carried out a fair test for making bread in a bag which students may also wish to make at home. We enjoyed changing one variable by changing one thing in the recipe, making hypotheses, and carrying out experiments with a partner. We then shared results and opinions from tasting the outcomes. (Some tasted better than others.)

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Trenches and Holocaust

We are beginning to learn the format of reports. We have analysed and discussed many different types of reports- why is it good? what could be improved? what would have we done?
Our writing wall is complete and we are proud of our efforts!

ANZAC Enemy Writing

Our Anzac art is finished and hanging up alongside our enemy letters.
The enemy is about 2 men who live in a hole- they are enemies but they begin to realise that sometimes enemies aren't always what the seem....
We discussed who was wrong in the war? What if you were told wrong information? How can we create peace?

Have a look at our amazing work